Problems we can assist you with

Is your computer running slow?

Problems with your email?

Too many pop-ups?

Unable to get to the Internet or start other applications?

Your computer may be infected with a virus or some other type of malware.

We get to the root of the problem and fix it.


Products we sell

We sell new and refurbished computers, routers, other peripheral equipment, application software, new and used components

Computer education and training

We provide computer education and training for all skill levels

Windows 10



Power Point



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Before you throw away money on a new computer we can help you fix your existing computer at a fraction of the cost.


Services we provide

Spyware Removal, Mal-ware Removal, Virus Removal,
Reinstall Spyware and Antivirus Protection
New Install Of Spyware Protection and  Antivirus Protection
Windows Updates, De-fragment Hard Drive
Replace Power Supply, Replace Battery, Monitor Set-up
Extract Data From Back-up, Configure Back-up
Reinstall Operating System, Install Software
Set-up Skype, Install Webcam, Recover Files
Replace DVD and Player, Replace CD Player, Set-up Dual Monitor Reinstall Drivers, Locate Drivers, Install Printer,           Install Printer Cartridge, Clean Out Print Que, Replace Keyboard Replace NIC Card, Set-up Wireless Network
Install Wireless Access Device


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